With more than 40 combined years as nurses, our passion is advocating for patients. Overwhelmed by a diagnosis, anxious about a surgery or struggling with a chronic health condition, patients rely on our experience, compassion and drive to help them achieve the best outcomes. 

The need for patient advocacy extends far beyond the operating room.

We are committed to creating a way for patients to receive personalized, comprehensive, continued support as they navigate their journey towards wellness and healing. Our mission is to provide support for people wanting to improve their health, whether it is in response to a health crisis or a desire to optimize overall wellness and quality of life. 




With 20+ years of nursing experience, most of which was spend in the operating room, I am passionate about teamwork. Successful surgery is ALWAYS the result of a collaborative team approach and I believe this is one of the most critical factors in helping people achieve the best results when it comes to their health. Connected Care was built on this concept of teamwork which is why we are a group practice and not solo RN patient advocates. We collaborate with our clients as a team because two, three of four heads are better than one. 

I am passionate about marriage, motherhood, and family. I have been happily married seventeen years and have two lovely teenagers, two furry labradors, and Miles (a Russian tortoise) who belongs to my son. I am the eldest of ten siblings, an aunt to three nieces and six nephews. Family reunions are always fun, surprising, and very interesting, think wedding ceremonies in which the groomsmen are dressed as ninjas and the bridesmaids are dressed as fairies!

I am a United States Veteran and served six years active duty in Southern California. While in the Navy, I learned to shore up a sinking ship, put on a gas mask and gear during a simulated gas attack. I use the term 'simulated' to indicate that it wasn't a real attack, but the gas was definitely real. That was an experience in fortitude and lots of snot. And it was the Navy who taught me how to be a nurse. It is truly one of the biggest honors of my life to have served my country and our men and women service members.

I am an Orange Theory Fitness and hot yoga addict, sun worshipper, avid reader, consummate learner (I never would have graduated had I been allowed to stay), music fanatic and concert obsessed, cat lover (but I own dogs), jewelry maker, newbie golfer with a pretty good short game. I am curious, resourceful, quick-witted, and a little bit sensitive. Trust me - sensitivity in the operating room has it's pitfalls, but I love that I am tender hearted and deeply care for people. Finally, I believe that connection is at the heart of health and wellness. When we hear each other and help each other, we do better. Period. 

Ciera Dube



Ciera recognizes that patients receive the best care and outcomes when the entire team is collaborative, focused, well organized, and connected. She advocates tirelessly for patients in this manner and her patients and her staff lover her. She is fair, just, and makes decisions that make everyone feel invaluable to the team. In addition, Ciera feels strongly that compassion along with true listening help guide her patients towards a better understanding of their health. In her role as an Independent Registered Nurse Patient Advocate (iRNPA), Ciera assists and supports patients in a journey of wellness as she guides them through the complex health care system.

Ciera received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at George Fox University. Her specialty is surgical services with a role in leadership.