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With more than 30 combined years as nurses, our passion is advocating for patients. Overwhelmed by a diagnosis, anxious about a surgery or struggling with a chronic health condition, patients rely on our experience, compassion and drive to help them achieve the best outcomes. 

Antra graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Nursing in 1996, and served in the U.S. Navy from 1996-2001. Her clinical specialty was surgical nursing. In 2012, she graduated with her Masters Degree in Nursing from Washington State University. In 2017, she left surgical nursing and started Connected Care Patient Advocates, LLC. 

Ciera graduated from George Fox University, in 2010, with her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. She has spent her career thus far in surgery, to include management of a ten suite operating room. She partnered with Antra in 2017 to form Connected Care Patient Advocates, LLC. 

We are committed to creating a way for patients to receive personalized, comprehensive, continued support as they navigate their journey towards wellness and healing. Our mission is to provide support for people wanting to improve their health, whether it is in response to a health crisis or a desire to optimize overall wellness and quality of life. 

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I am passionate about marriage, motherhood, and family. I have been happily married seventeen years and have two lovely teenagers, two furry labradors, and Miles (a Russian tortoise) who belongs to my son. I am the eldest of ten siblings, an aunt to three nieces and six nephews. Family reunions are always fun, surprising, and very interesting, think wedding ceremonies in which the groomsmen are dressed as ninjas and the bridesmaids are dressed as fairies!


I am a United States Veteran and served six years active duty in Southern California. While in the Navy, I learned to shore up a sinking ship, put on a gas mask and gear during a simulated gas attack. I use the term 'simulated' to indicate that it wasn't a real attack, but the gas was definitely real. That was an experience in fortitude and lots of snot. And it was the Navy who taught me how to be a nurse. It is truly one of the biggest honors of my life to have served my country and our men and women service members.


I am curious, resourceful, quick-witted, and a little bit sensitive. Trust me - sensitivity in the operating room has it's pitfalls, but I love that I am tender hearted and deeply care for people. Finally, I believe that connection is at the heart of health and wellness. When we hear each other and help each other, we do better. Period.




I began my career working in Pediatric Oncology and a Pediatric ICU in Boston, MA after graduating from University of Rhode Island. In 2005, I joined the Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Transport Team at Boston Children’s Hospital, providing stabilization, critical care and transport for infants and children. In 2014, my family relocated to the Portland area and soon after I joined PANDA, the Neonatal and Pediatric Transport Team at Doernbecher Children's Hospital where we stabilize and transport critically ill infants and children.

From a young age I was called to be a caregiver, my younger sister, Stephanie, was born with Down’s Syndrome and congenital heart disease. I helped take care of her when I was still a kid myself.  I learned the importance of advocating for and receiving excellent health care from my mom, who was also a nurse.  I love to help people and one of the most rewarding parts of my job has been not only taking care of my patients, but the whole family.  I have seen how difficult it is for patients to navigate our complex health care system and receive the care they need and deserve, especially when faced with a scary diagnosis.   It is my passion to listen to clients, and provide the insight, education, and support they need to access necessary medical treatment and get on the road to health.  

I live in Lake Oswego, with my husband, our three children and sweet golden retriever, Rosie. I love to cook healthy meals, garden, and watch sports-especially if my kids or any Boston sports team are playing. I am an avid runner and have completed 20 marathons, including the Boston Marathon 10 times.




I am a wife, mom to the cutest little guy ever (and yes, I am TOTALLY biased!), and an avid lover of the sunshine!

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and it really is the best place in the world! During my last two years of high school my family moved to Manila, Philippines. I graduated from an international school and then stayed an extra year volunteering in a free medical clinic. Moving at the age of 16 and losing all my independence was brutal, but the Philippines is where my love of nursing blossomed. Being able to care for the people that had no financial means to get medical care was incredibly moving to my 18 year old soul. Being a nurse and walking with clients and their families is an amazing gift that God has blessed me with.

My husband knows the keys to my heart are breakfast dates downtown Portland, heading to the Oregon beach for a day, and a hot chai on a fall day at Chapters in good ol’ Newberg (shout out to George Fox University)! Our home is filled with lots of laughter (thanks to my husband), kayaking (the peaceful flat-water kind), lots of cooking, and hanging out with our family and friends. 


Let's Connect. 

Right now...


It's so easy to feel alone, and confused, and scared. Because right now, we are so pulled apart from our families, our village and our support. 

Right now, more than ever, the connections that bind us, and comfort us...that heal us...are so important.

Right now, more than ever, it's so important to know...

That you are not alone.

If you are navigating through the health care system or a health care crisis, we're here. We can help. Contact Connected Care today. 

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