Connection is at the heart of wellness. We embrace family, friends and other providers as an integral part of each team. Prior to developing a treatment plan, we evaluate each patient's unique history and circumstances to evaluate which of our services best meet their needs. 

Home Health and Eldercare Services

  • Find appropriate geriatric providers to include dementia/Alzheimer specialists 
  • Provide resources for in-home nursing care, therapy and rehabilitation
  • Consider possible assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care
  • Identify daily living assistance options
  • Advocate on behalf of elder clients who are separated by distance from their adult children 


End of Life Planning

  • Advanced directives, living will, DNR, POLST
  • Locate in-home nursing care
  • Acquire palliative care providers
  • Assess pain management options
  • Identify hospice/funeral home/cremation/organ donation


Personal Concierge Advocate 

Connected Care will manage, coordinate, and organize your health care needs. 

  • Client and family support
  • Attend appointments and coordinate multiple care providers
  • Medication review
  • Support health care plan compliance
  • Medical timeline

Patient Advocacy and Coordination Services

  • Experienced care coordination and effective communication in the healthcare system
  • Research diagnosis and treatment options and provide support in the decision making process 
  • Creation of a medical timeline detailing important health history
  • Prepare and accompany patient to medical appointments
  • Medical record review and test results discussion
  • Prescription/medication/supplement review
  • Hospital visit liaison


Guide patients on different treatment modalities, including: 

  • Diet & nutrition
  • Toxin reduction
  • Physical exercise
  • Stress management

Cost vs. Benefit Analysis for Tests and Procedures

  • Identify appropriate efficient care
  • Price comparison and transparency 
  • Establish in-network care
  • Analysis for medically necessary out-of-network care
  • Identify other financial resources



Services we do not provide

(We assist in finding needed resources)

legal services - direct and hands-on care - diagnosis - medication prescriptions - make medical decisions for clients - transportation