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Illness can easily overwhelm, making it difficult to think clearly. We help our clients organize their healthcare, truly understand their options and make the best choices for themselves. This approach is guided by our commitment to support clients as they navigate the healthcare system, understand and weigh different treatment options and discover their goals and values in relation to their health and healthcare. 

Our approach:


We Talk


We start with a complimentary call or meeting to discuss your health concerns, your needs, fears and the different ways we can work together.

We Assess


Once a comprehensive health review is taken, a personal assessment plan is created, with relevant action steps that support your goals and values.

We Guide

We help you to better understand your diagnoses, treatment options, new and/or alternative treatments, and arrange consultations with top specialists and medical centers.

We Partner

As your health advocate, we are an active part of your health care team. We can accompany you to on appointments, take notes, ask the questions you may not know or think to ask, visit you during hospital stays, and ensure that your health care plan is followed and your directives are followed. 


We Are




Important note.

Services we do not provide:

(We assist in finding needed resources)

Legal services - diagnosis - medication prescriptions - making medical decisions for clients - transportation.

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