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"I really appreciated the support and guidance I received from Connected Care Patient Advocates, both for myself and for my family. It put us all at ease to have an advocate in our corner. I felt confident in the care that I received and my family’s confidence in my care helped them to support me better. This made a huge difference in my ability to advocate for myself and to navigate what I was going through. I felt empowered to ask questions of my doctors and I know to get a second opinion if I am not satisfied. Empowered to advocate for my health and not to just float through the system, getting passed from doctor to doctor without any real knowledge of what was actually happening, gave me such peace of mind. I highly recommend Connected Care Patient Advocates."    


Jennifer Pahl




"Antra Boyd has been invaluable to my husband and me in finding appropriate care and placement for my sister, who is suffering from advanced Parkinson's Disease. Antra reviewed and commented on every suggested treatment option and referred us to appropriate professionals for further assistance. She was instrumental in our finding a better assisted living situation than the one my sister was in. Antra's warmth and depth of knowledge make her a remarkable advocate. We highly recommend her."      


Bonnie Ruth


"At a time when I was unable to navigate my cancer diagnosis and coordinate our many-layered health care system, and when my family was focused on the immediate emotional stress of the situation, having an experienced RN Patient Advocate, such as Antra, to coordinate my care was invaluable. Such care and coordination may have been nothing less than life-saving."      




"I felt very comfortable with Antra assisting me as I went through a total knee replacement. She has a sophisticated understanding of surgical procedures, is familiar with the fears and uncertainties that accompany this type of surgical procedure, and knows which questions one must ask before and after the procedure. She listened to my concerns and was with me at every consultation. You will be well served by Antra."        




"The whole experience was surreal. I felt as though I had been truly heard for the first time. These three women are unique in different ways. They each took something different from my word, yet they each collaborated and helped me as a single unit instinctively without words to one another. The four of us sat alone in a crowded coffee shop. Somehow, after one hour of speaking with them, two years of heaviness felt lighter on my shoulders. I felt lighter with tears in my eyes."    




“Antra Boyd was instrumental in saving my son’s life. Mental Health Care is incredibly challenging to navigate, to begin with, and there is still such a stigma of it not being taken seriously or as time-sensitive – you indeed are alone in the process.  I had no advocate to guide me through the process and get my son the care he needed, not until I found Antra.  Thank goodness I did, she was able to listen to my concerns, provide information quickly, guide, and support me in finding the help my son desperately needed.  At one point, I was texting her from the hospital, and she gave me real-time answers and guidance, which I can say without a doubt is what saved my son’s life.  I was not alone. 

I would suggest anyone trying to figure out the mental health system to go to Antra for assistance, not only can she provide you the information you need, she is your advocate, part of your team, I don’t know what we would have done without her.”    




"Wonderful service! I had an acute back injury and had seen multiple doctors, struggling to figure out what the best treatment option would be. Ciera came in and helped me to navigate the health care system and prepare me for a very important doctor's visit to discuss a slightly higher risk healing option. She helped my compile a list of questions prior to the doctor visit, accompanied me to my appointment, and followed up with a written summary of what was discussed. It was so nice to have a person who understands the medical field right there with me. She addressed all of my questions and helped clarify terms and details I was not familiar with. With her assistance, I felt confident in my decision to move forward since I was well informed and understood all of my options and the associated risks. I would highly recommend this service for any medical situations."      



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