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We serve adults facing a wide range of health challenges, offering unwavering support and a compass for their healthcare journey. Our commitment extends to those managing chronic issues, seeking new healthcare partnerships, confronting cancer, navigating sudden onset health concerns, and those bravely confronting rare diagnoses.

A Client Story

"I had long term GI issues and migraines. It had gotten to the point that I could no longer work. My symptoms were so bad, I was in and out of the hospital all the time, I was scared to go to the ER as I had multiple near death experiences. I did not feel that anyone was listening to me, and I was passed from doctor to doctor. The last doctor that I had told me that there was nothing more they could do for me and I would just have to live with the horrible symptoms. 
I had very minimal hope that it was going to get any better and I was feeling like I was just kind of left to die. I got desperate and started searching when I found Connected Care. 
When the nurse from Connected Care stepped in, I was able to start going to appointments with a little bit less anxiety. I had a nurse that helped make sure my questions were asked, that we had all of the answers, and that the doctor understood what I was willing and not willing to do for testing or treatment. 
At the very basic level, which was the most important to me, was the amount of support and the significant decrease of anxiety I had while dealing with all of my healthcare. I was able to get better care by finding a new doctor that really listened and helped. It has been a long road, but I am healing, which at one point I had lost all hope of ever reaching. 
"I had lost all hope of having a better quality of life, to be able to enjoy life again. Since working with Connected Care I have found an amazing doctor, made huge progress in my healing, and have more better days than bad days. It's a miracle!”


"If you are having unsatisfactory doctor or hospital experiences or just need a little more TLC from the medical world I highly recommend Connected Care to anyone. If not for them coming into my life I am not sure I would be here talking to you right now my medical state was that fragile."

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