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We understand the evolving healthcare needs of seniors and the importance of supporting both individuals and their families. Our mission is to offer a guiding hand for seniors seeking new doctors, those managing changing health conditions, families wishing to enjoy their relationships without the burden of healthcare management, and seniors without the close support of family.

A Client Story

"I was living in my home by myself with a new diagnosis of cancer with chemotherapy and surgery on the horizon. My neighbor found Connected Care and got us connected. 
Once the nurse from Connected Care started helping me during my cancer treatment, I could just focus on dealing with treatments and resting. I no longer had to deal with the numerous appointments, phone calls, and all of the things happening. I had a lot of side effects through out the treatment and ended up getting radiation therapy as well. Having this nurse by my side to help communicate with the doctors and for me to understand what was happening made a world of difference. She was kind and supportive, made sure that my doctors knew what was happening at home and what my physical limits really were on a daily basis. She helped to get so many extra resources that I would have not otherwise gotten, even the simple things like meals and transportation to all of the treatments. 
Now on the other side of the cancer, she knows my medical history probably better than I do, goes to all of my appointments with me, communicates with my doctors, and makes sure that all details are taken care of at my assisted living facility.

I would not be alive if I did not have the help from Connected Care."


" I would not be alive if I did not have the help from Connected Care. "

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