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We cater to a diverse spectrum of children, each with their own story, resilience, and courage. From brave little warriors battling chronic conditions to those triumphing over short-term medical hurdles, we understand the distinct needs that arise during these times.

A Client Story

"Our son was born with terrible skin. Those first days in the hospital we were told he just had baby acne. Over the next several months his skin changed from “acne” to eczema. His little cheeks were red and raw, it was painful for him and looked terrible. I tried every cream and bath product under the sun with no improvement.When he was about 6 months, he got a stomach bug. I had been exclusively breast feeding, but I gave him Pedialyte for 2 days until he was over the bug and able to breast feed again. Shockingly, during those 2 days his skin completely cleared up. So began my search for what was causing his skin issues. I needed some help and I was not getting the level of help I needed from the pediatrician. After hearing our story our nurse advocate, with the approval of our pediatrician, suggested I try switching my son to an allergy-free formula. I was initially skeptical because everyone tells you that breast feeding is best, to my surprise his skin cleared up after just a few days on the formula.As we were introducing solid foods and he would eat something and suddenly the eczema was back. Again, with some help from our advocate, we were finally able to get him allergy tested. On the advice of our nurse advocate, we got him a medical ID bracelet and taught him to hold it up if anyone tried to give him any food. Fast forward, he has grown out of several of his allergies. Our advocate helped us through a very tough period."


"I had no one to guide me through the process and get my son the care he needed, not until I found Connected Care.  Thank goodness I did, they were able to listen to my concerns, provide information quickly, guide, and support me in finding the help my son desperately needed.  At one point, I was texting from the hospital, and was given real-time answers and guidance, which I can say without a doubt is what saved my son’s life.  I was not alone."

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